About Us

A No Cost and Confidential Way to Receive Meaningful Proposals for a Sale or Partial Sale

We offer an alternative to retaining an investment bank. Investment banks generally seek businesses to market through an auction process. Unfortunately, competitors, vendors, customers and employees can quickly discover that the business is for sale. This can negatively impact the business, especially if the auction is unsuccessful.

Many qualified buyers are averse to participating in auctions. Our clients prefer not to spend the time, money and effort to complete the due diligence necessary to submit an appropriate bid, only to find that theirs was not the winning proposal. They also prefer to familiarize themselves with a company and culture to determine the best way to increase value in conjunction with the owners or management, rather than going strictly by the short-term numbers.

Why Choose Us

Helping You Grow

In completing a transaction with our clients, you and your team can continue to run the business while they utilize their contacts and considerable financial capability to increase revenue and profitability through a combination of funding expansion of the business and strategic acquisitions.

Privacy and Security

We are able to bring to the table a single motivated investor (or a select few investors if requested) willing to pay fair market value for a controlling or minority stake in a business – without the consequences of an auction. With a Confidentiality Agreement in place, only authorized parties are aware of the proposed transaction.
Unlike an investment bank, we are paid by our investor clients, and do not look to business owners or management for any compensation whatsoever. We welcome inquiries and are glad to answer questions without obligation. All discussions are confidential.

Paley Dixon, Inc

How We Function

Our team is paid by our investor clients. They do not look to business owners for any compensation whatsoever.

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We gladly answer any questions you may have. Know that all our discussions will be kept confidential.