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aboutPaley Dixon, Inc. is a leading buy-side mergers & acquisitions advisor. Founded in 1979, we have always prided ourselves in keeping clients out of auctions, providing preemptive, actionable deal flow in accordance with their investment strategies.

We conduct searches for synergistic companies, new platforms, add-ons, minority or majority investments. Types of investments include growth capital, buyouts, recapitalizations, corporate acquisitions, divestitures, minority positions, and privatizations.

We’ve innovated a disruptive strategy that enables clients to avoid auctions and trump competition for proprietary, actionable deals. For 35 years we’ve been sourcing deals directly. Consequently, we’re able to identify virtually every privately held companyin any sector within the U.S. and Canada with revenues up to $5 billion.

To findappropriate companies, we utilize a highly effective methodology of mining an array of deal sources, including industry and trade associations, research reports, sector-specific databases and an extensive proprietary database. Our research-driven mailings consistently generate 6 – 7% positive responses.

Owners are interviewed andcompanies are qualified before we send you our presentation. We never just simply submit company names and contact information. For those not willing to sell now, we initiate a “courting” process. We remain in contact with these owners. We build relationships with them, and introduce them to you when they are ready to sell.

Our presentations include a detailed description of the company, including revenue, EBITDA, ownership, structure, number of employees, customer concentration, long-term debt, growth prospects and other information – in addition to the company’s level of commitment to a transaction and valuation expectation.

Paley Dixon will keep you out of auctions. We source all our own deals and do not work with IB’s or other intermediaries – nor will we send you deals where a company is actively marketing itself or has retained an IB to run a process.